ComputerEase was established in December of 1988 with the philosophy of providing the best service and support for clients using computers. Before opening our location, it was determined that true software support was not currently available in this city. By taking an aggressive approach to the serious problems associated with office automation, we have become an invaluable resource to our clients. Our professionalism and team work ensures that the customer's needs will be taken care of. Both partners in this firm have extensive background in the Personal Computer, Mini and MainFrame environments since 1982. Working with the growth and progression of computers during this time is what provides this firm with the resources necessary to support the range of clients that we service. The facilities have been designed with the customer's needs in mind. A spacious classroom with state-of-the-art technology (IBM compatible and Apple Macintosh hardware) has been set up for day and evening training. It has NOVELL local area network software and offers training in popular software packages as determined by our local industry. Our purpose is to support you in every aspect of computerization. We believe that with the correct approach and implementation there is no reason for automation to be anything but successful. Productivity and proper use are the main issues in automation. We aim to support computer users and make computing easy!



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