Microsoft Excel

In this course you will learn how to build formulae using values from separate Excel workbooks to provide summary and total information. You will address the issues of copying, formatting, securing a worksheet for others to use, and building documentation for ease of use. Did you know that Excel will repeat your work for you by "grouping" a series of sheets before performing the actions?! You will learn more functions, how to chart data for varied emphasis, and how to manage long lists (databases) for quick summaries and other manipulation.
Formulas and Functions
* Creating Formulas in a worksheet
* Using Functions with Multiple Arguments
* Absolute Referencing in a Formula
* Vlookup Function
* IF Function

* Hiding Columns and Rows
* Using the Format Paster
* Using Cell Properties

Grouping Workbooks
* Calculating between Separate Workbooks
* Using Paste Link

* Creating a Template
* Saving and Using your Template

Database Techniques
* Freezing Columns and Rows on Screen and for Print
* Splitting the Screen
* Find and Replace Feature
* Sorting a Data List
* Using Filters
* Creating Subtotals using Data Subtotals
* Pivot Tables

* Creating a Chart With a Secondary Axis
* Advanced Chart Formatting
Cost:$259/person (+ hst) includes workbook, certificate & 2 month hotline
Guarantee:Repeat at no charge up to 2 months later! (minimum class size required)
Duration:1 day(s) 9:00 am - 4:30 pm or 2 evenings 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Prerequisite:We recommend a good knowledge of Windows & Introduction to Excel