Expression Web

Once you've mastered all of the basic components of building a website, learn how to include more sophisticated elements that really jazz it up! Control text more easily with tables, and incorporate frames for constant display of information. Decrease download time for visitors and format text to accommodate various monitor and display settings. Use graphics and control their position and text flow, add plug-ins, movies, and even flash to make your website come to life! See how to incorporate a form for visitors to fill in with information, questions, and feedback from your site and keep a counter of how many visitors you've had.
Design Concepts
* Page Settings
* Tables (Merging, Splitting, Adding and Removing Cells)
* Advanced Formatting

Website Design
* Planning a Website
* Frames
* Navigation

Web Components
* Adding Flash Movies
* Using Hover/Interactive Buttons
* DHTML Effects
* Scheduled Pictures and Content
* Page Transitions
* Marquees and Banners

* Using Hot Spots
* Using Gallery Component

Importing Information and HTML
* Using HTML
* Adding Java
* Using Excel with your Website

* Creating Forms
* Form Controls (Text Box, Drop Downs and Check Boxes)
* Form Submission
Cost:$299/person (+ hst) includes workbook, certificate & 2 month hotline
Guarantee:Repeat at no charge up to 2 months later! (minimum class size required)
Duration:1 day(s) 9:00 am - 4:30 pm or 2 evenings 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Prerequisite:We recommend a good knowledge of Windows, Internet & Introduction to FrontPage