Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a great tool for organization and communication (locally or across the miles!). With electronic mail (email) you can send your message whenever it's convenient for you, and your recipient will get it the next time they use their email. You can keep contact information, schedule appointments, keep a journal and effectively organize your email. Set reminders to ring when an important event is taking place. Send files to others electronically - forget about diskettes and paper! Create groups of contacts or email addresses for mailing information. Import and Export this information for use with other software packages.
Outlook Overview
* The Outloook Window
* Using Outlook Today
* Outlook Shortcuts and Folder List

Email with Outlook
* Viewing, Printing and Creating Emails
* Reply, Reply to All and Forward
* Using Carbon Copy and Blind Carbon Copy
* Adding File Attachments
* Outbox, Sent Items and Deleted Folders

Email Formatting and Organization
* Email Formatting, Stationary and Signatures
* Filters and Views
* Creating Folders and Moving Mail
* Using Rules to Colour and/or Move Emails Automatically
* Using the Find Feature

Outlook Calendar
* Adding and Editing Appointments
* Using Reminders and Recurring Appointments
* Inviting Attendees to a Meeting using Email

* Creating and Editing Contacts
* Creating a Distribution List
* Organizing and Sharing Contacts

Other Features
* Using Tasks
* Using the Journal
* Using Notes
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Duration:1 day(s) 9:00 am - 4:30 pm or 2 evenings 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Prerequisite:We recommend a good knowledge of Windows