Microsoft Word

The philosophy behind this course is control! Learn how to control the flow of text when using pictures and with an in-depth use of tables and even newspaper columns (for newsletters). Control the automatic page numbering within a document or long letter and see how to vary the results. Control the appearance & placement of automatic numbers including multi-level / sub numbering of points - watch how they automatically number when you edit them! When you need to do a mailing of standard information (or even just envelopes or labels), control the mail merge process to include only that information which fits your criteria. And finally, control where your files are and get them organized!
Tables and Calculations
* Creating and Editing Tables
* Changing Column and Row Settings and Alignment
* Using Automatic Numbering and Tabbing in a Table
* Inserting, Deleting, Merging and Splitting Cells
* Using Mathmatical Functions in Tables
* Sorting information in a Table
* Converting Text to Tables

Graphics and Columns
* Creating Newspaper Columns in a Document
* Using Page Borders and Drop Cap
* Adding, Sizing and Formatting Graphics

Word Features
* Using Outlined Numbering (Promoting and Demoting)
* Using the Auto Correct and Auto Formatting Feature
* Using, Creating, Editing and Deleting Auto Text
* Using Headers and Footers

Letters and Merge
* Making Envelopes and Labels
* Using the Mail Merge
* Creating a Form Letter and Envelopes with Mail Merge
* Using Excel Lists with Word Mail Merge
* Querying Data to Filter what is Merged

File Management
* Saving Options (Backups and Auto Save)
* Password Protecting for Open and/or Read Only
* Retrieving, Veiwing and Sorting Files
Cost:$259/person (+ hst) includes workbook, certificate & 2 month hotline
Guarantee:Repeat at no charge up to 2 months later! (minimum class size required)
Duration:1 day(s) 9:00 am - 4:30 pm or 2 evenings 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Prerequisite:We recommend a good knowledge of Windows & Introduction to Word