Microsoft Word

This course teaches you how to work smarter within Word. Manage large documents (like manuals) and learn how to consolidate your text formatting with Styles. See how two mouse clicks can standardize the appearance of all the headings within the document! Use different document views to build a long document yourself or as part of a network group of users. Eliminate retyping a standard document by building forms for standard letters, memos, wills and other documents. Save them as templates and protect them from accidental damage by other users. You will also create a library of macros for repetitive functions and customize your toolbars with buttons that run your macros! Ffinally, see how to link data from other products within a Word document for reporting purposes!
* Using and Formatting Drawing Objects
* Clipart, Text Boxes, Word Art, etc.
* Fill Effects, Shading and 3D Effects
* Ordering and Grouping Objects

* Planning and Recording a Macro
* Executing a Macro
* Creating a Custom Toolbar and Adding a Macro to a Toolbar

Templates and Forms
* Form Controls - Text Box, Check Box and Drop Down
* Protecting a Document and Sections
* Saving and Using a Template

Large Document Features
* Adding and Editing Styles
* Making a Table of Contents
* Using Outline View to manipulate the Document

Sharing Information
* Embedding objects like Excel Charts
* Linking to other programs
* Using Screen Captures
Cost:$299/person (+ hst) includes workbook, certificate & 2 month hotline
Guarantee:Repeat at no charge up to 2 months later! (minimum class size required)
Duration:1 day(s) 9:00 am - 4:30 pm or 2 evenings 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Prerequisite:We recommend a good knowledge of Windows & Intermediate Word